Why go for the nude tantric experience


Many different massages are performed nude, whether you go for an oriental nuru massage and of course tantra!

You will find that nearly all tantric massage is conducted naked and this is done for a variety of reasons. Some of the main reasons are explained below

Release Inhibitions – One of the great things about tantra is that is focuses on that oneness between two people and to achieve this both need to be on an equal level and what better way to achieve this goal through both being naked for the session

Sensations – One of the other key components to nude tantric massage is experiencing the sensations of touch. This is accentuated through skin to skin contact and does not really have the same effect when participants are fully or partly clothed.

Stress Levels – Many different studies on the subject have shown that being naked and feeling of liberation that also exists alongside can help to make people feel less stress and more calm and therefore more able to perform and embrace tantra as it should be done.

These are some of the key reasons why tantra is best performed under these circumstances and not least because the whole fundamentals of tantra teaching are based on it being carried out in this manner.

There are of course different laws in different countries as to how legal it is for tantra to be performed this way in a professional setting, i.e in the US by law one has to use some kind of draping or underwear whereas in other European countries it is fine for a professional masseuse to offer this service completely nude.

All in all in our opinion it really does ‘go against the grain’ to try to learn or perform tantra massage effectively in any other way


Learning and Practising Tantric Techniques

As anyone that has really even lifted up a book or watched a few clips on tantric therapy would know, it is a very complex therapy which has many different parts to it. People that study this type of philosophy will generally consider it a long term process and some will even dedicate their lives to it. This career or life course, is not for anyone however as it does require a certain type in our opinion to really make the grade and last the distance.

First of all we would say that generally a tantric practitioner is someone that would need to be very open minded and also confident in themselves. This is really because in order to be a good teacher you will really need a fair degree of confidence and belief in what you are doing. This will also mean that you will need to be reasonably intelligent in order to learn and hold onto the information that you learn from your mentor or the various books and literature that you might read on the subject.

Many people that have made the decision to go for it and learn tantric, whether to pass this knowledge on to others in the industry or perhaps to set up as a tantric massage therapist for example will use some of the more well-known schools which are also a great way to learn. It really is quite an investment of time, money and energy but once you have made the grade and can than develop and master your skills as a master practitioner, then it really does all become worthwhile

To learn tantric massage in London for example there are various routes available whether through couples massage or a company like Tantra link who will run various workshops, training courses and seminars. All of this information is readily available online and if you do decide it is for you, then always feel free to drop Scarletts massage a line and we will put you in touch with some of the most repited trainers in the UK!

Welcome To Scarletts Massage

Welcome friends! You are at the perfect place to find out about different massage. Let us try to understand how these massages help us. Our mind has a huge impact on the working of our body. Stress and tension are merely in the mind but also affects one’s body. Therefore, it becomes important that we do something to relieve stress.

Massage is one the most popular ways to do that all over the world. It can work magic by giving complete mental and physical peacefulness. One can achieve a whole new level of tranquility by receiving massage. Needless to say that the result obtained are simply amazing. One of these massages is sexy tantric massage. The whole point of this massage is to experience sexual pleasure by working on the intimate parts of your body. Your senses are elevated to a level where you forget all about the problems in your life. Nuru massage is another way to reach this level of satisfaction by sensual touch. In this case also your sexual senses are heightened and you feel a powerful energy which acts as a great stress- buster
The concept of tantric massage is simple as it works on breathing techniques. These techniques help in healthy activation of your body and take you to a heightened state of sexual awakening. This newly found connection with the masseuse brings out the best of you. It really helps to attain complete peace and pleasure by making a spiritual connection. The masseuses doing this are professionals and know exactly which point of the body has the most energy. They specially concentrate on these body parts to give both mental and physical satisfaction. We have experts in this area who are professionals and are superb in their job. You will be able to form a rapport with them quite smoothly.

Apart from breathing processes and energy points, tantric also offers meditation. This is one of the most important parts of the massage and plays a vital role in your sexual awakening. With this method you will be able to achieve a state of positive energy. When this is performed by professionals then the complete process becomes quite easy and far more effective. That is exactly what we are offering to you. Do it just once and you will surely come back for more on a regular basis. We offer impressive range of massages such as erotic, body to body massage, tantric and nuru massages. You have complete freedom to pick only of them according to your time schedule. Sensual tantric massage on a regular basis is a brilliant choice as it assists you to enter a relaxed state along with spiritual renewal and consistent level of energy. Tantric and nuru put special emphasis in bringing out of the core aspects of your sexual being. Have a great experience by choosing a sensual and spectacular session with our professional masseuse therapists.