Enjoying Nuru Massage Therapy

Nuru massage is many times more effective times more effective than simple massage as it gives true relaxation feels by the magical hands of our masseuse. The ultimate aim of nuru is to increase your sexual appetite. This massage uses the complete naked body of the masseuse and her exquisite physical features to activate your sexual urge. The best thing about nuru massage is that it is a wet experience. Although it doesn’t use oil, rather it uses gels made from natural substances.

These excellent gels form the essential elements of nuru. These gels are superb in creating a sensual environment which helps the masseuse to work her naked body on your body. This massage is all about sliding over each other while the masseuse makes the best of her expert skills and works on the muscles and tissues of your body. The procedure of this massage is simple enough. The masseuse applies the gel on her body and then slides over your body and performs the massage.

The gels used in this case are not ordinary. In fact they are especially made from Japanese seaweed which is world famous for its intensely high level of slipperiness. This lubricating gel works wonders as it leaves you wanting more and more. Nuru massage is the ultimate choice for many reasons. For one thing, it is both pleasurable and effective. This leaves you with a peaceful feeling after forming a special connection with the masseuse. It also includes a bath which is performed on a water-proof bed as it is perfect for smooth massage.

The gel is warmed before it is used and it is also applied on the sheet to form a totally wet environment where both bodies can slide without the least friction. As you get into contact with every part of the masseuse’s body, you are bound to discover amazing sensations as the masseuse twirls over your body while going about each routine of a standard massage. It is a discovery of the body for both the masseuse and the recipient through the medium of absolutely extensive body-to-body contact. With the best gels having extracts that are designed to arouse your senses, you can expect a fully refreshing experience with Nuru therapy.

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